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Quality teaching is central to resolving the global learning crisis. This toolkit of foundational teaching competencies is designed for anyone involved in teacher professional development. The modules will help teachers develop the foundational skills they need to provide quality teaching.

The competencies explored here are important for all teachers, regardless of location. They were identified based on a robust review of the evidence. Professional Development modules have been assigned to each foundational skill. Each module includes objectives, materials, key information to share, training activities, indicators of achievement, and key points on gender and inclusion (particularly disability and linguistic diversity). Importantly, they also contain ideas for self-study, collaborative learning and coaching:

It is essential that teachers are given the opportunity to practise what they've learnt and to reflect
on their progress if they are to develop these foundational competencies.

PDFs of the Foundations of Teaching can be downloaded from here. The website contains further ideas. Please contact for more information.





1. Prepare your classroom for learning

2. Know and include all your learners

3. Know your learners’ families and communities

4. Proactive classroom management

5. Reactive classroom management

6. Ensure your learners are protected: Part 1

7. Ensure your learners are protected: Part 2

8. Open and close lessons purposefully

9. Explain the lesson

10. Use other resources

11. Use questions and answers

12. Use pairs or groups

13. Use activities

14. Use differentiation for mixed-ability classes

15. Plan and sequence lessons

16. Give useful feedback to learners

17. Assessment of learning

18. Using assessment to improve learning

Setting Development Targets



Summary of Learning Objectives

Additional community-created modules